Kernmantle Rope Anchorage Line

Anchorage Ropes Twisted Rope Anchorage Line




Rope Access technique of movement on a rope should only be used when traditional access systems cannot be installed. The basic rope access equipment should be used with a fall protection system. Rescue technique is used in an emergency hence it is naturally the most sensitive. This intervention can be performed by the user himself, if he is conscious and has the necessary equipment for self-extraction, or by a helper. In this situation it is necessary to be able to reach the victim and release him in complete safety and move the person upwards or downwards.

Available in different lengths of:

Size Ref. No.
10m APS 710K
20m APS 720K
30m APS 730K
50m APS 750K
75m APS 775K
100m APS 7100K
150m APS 7150K
300m APS 7300K

Product Specifications

Download Specifications
Made up of Polyamide Kernmantle rope
One side loop; other side karabiner
Maximum Roll Size: 300m
Available in dia of 9mm, 10.5mm, 11mm
Available in different lengths of:

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