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ALKO PLUS has been operating nationwide in providing the best fall arrest safety net solution in the construction industry, to enable the workers to work safely and effectively at heights.

The Fall Arrest Safety Nets by ALKO PLUS prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height by providing a collective level of protection.

The fundamental principles governing the design and performance of ALKO PLUS safety nets are as follows:

Made from high strength polypropylene ropes which are able to withstand the required load.

Special knotting of the meshes work towards effective Shock Absorption, hence minimizing any impact related injury on to the worker.

Product Specifications

Download Specifications
Mesh Size : 100mm X 100mm
Mesh Rope : 4mm dia PP rope
Border Rope : 12mm dia PP rope
Tie Rope : 12mm dia PP rope of length 2.0m
Overlay Net (Optional) : Containment net of 1mm dia twine with mesh size 15-22mm

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