APS 201

Grip Descender APS 201




ALKO PLUS Grip Descender is a light weight easy to operate device that is used with a Suspension harness (APS 456).
For additional comfort, a Seat Swing (APS 300) can be used with the Suspension harness. It is a manually operated controlled descent device, ideal for descent on a single rope.
Various work applications like window cleaning, exterior facade maintenance, crack filling, bridge expansion etc. require the worker to be suspended from height.
It is important to use appropriate fall arrest system along with the ALKO PLUS grip descender.
This is also an ideal device which can be used by trained personnel in an emergency situation for Rescue, to lower a casualty from an elevated work station.

Fall Arrester with Karabiner.
Gate Opening : 20mm
Minimum Breaking Strength : 25kN
Finish : Golden Yellow Galvanized
Weight : 180 grams
Compliance : EN 362:2004 Class B & M

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