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Safety Harness for Telecom Industry


Safety Harness for Telecom industry

Safety Harness for Telecom Industry.

Like many trade and industrial jobs, the role of telecoms engineer comes with its dangers. From working at a height to working closely with electricity, there are so many things to be aware of.

Linesman and engineers are often required to work at vast heights for long periods of time, checking cables, repairing damaged or faulty lines and fittings, and monitoring power outputs.

At Alko Plus you’ll find a huge range of Safety Harness, Full Body Harness specially designed for the telecoms industry.

Fall Protection for Telecommunication Tower Workers.

The demand for wireless and cell phone communication has dramatically increased the telecommunication tower industry. However, a huge increase in workload has resulted in a major increase of tower worker injuries and fatalities.

According to OSHA, telecommunication tower employees regularly climb towers from 100 feet to 2000 feet using fixed ladders, support structures, or step bolts. Workers climb towers throughout the year, including during inclement weather conditions. Some of the more frequently encountered hazards include falls from height, electrical and falling object hazards, hazards associated with hoisting personnel and equipment, inclement weather, equipment failure, and structural collapse of towers.

Hazards in Telecom Industry.

#1 Working at extreme heights: Linesman and engineers are often required to work at vast heights for long periods of time, checking cables, repairing damaged or faulty lines and fittings, and monitoring power outputs.

#2 Working around live electricity: One of the main hazards is working with electricity. While eclectic shocks are uncommon they do happen.

#3 Working in poor weather conditions: To protect against the dangers of windy, wet days, appropriate PPE should be worn at all times.

#4 Failing to use Harnesses and Lanyards: Engineers usually have to secure a harness when climbing telephone pylons and poles. This means that they need to be fully and correctly trained to secure themselves in.

Alko Plus is your one stop shop for your Safety Harness and Lanyard products for Telecom Industry. A Full Body Harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body.


Full Body Harnesses

ALKO PLUS offers a comprehensive range of Full Body Harnesses to suit a vast range of applications and situations. Equipped with the finest ergonomics and technically sound features.

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Hooks and Connectors

ALKO PLUS offers a range of Manual & Automatic Locking Hooks and Connectors. Some Connectors are certified as per EN.

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Fall Arrest Lanyards

The Fall Arrest Lanyards incorporate a shock absorbing element which is capable of limiting the force felt on the body of the worker to less than 6 kN.

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Rope Grab Fall Arresters

ALKO PLUS Rope Grab Fall Arresters have a wide application of usage in fall arrest while climbing, and in restraint while working on rooftops, platforms and inclined planes.

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Rope Access Rescue

Rope Access technique of movement on a rope should only be used when traditional access systems cannot be installed.

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Self Contained Safety Kits

ALKO PLUS launches a comprehensive range of customized KITS suitable to work specific use as per the standardized needs.

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