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PPE Safety for Automotive Industry


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Automobile Industry

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE refers to the equipment which protects the user from health hazards or safety risks at work. It includes Safety Shoes, Safety Helmets, foot wear, goggles etc.

An employee who is new to the company may not know how to use the machinery and protective equipment. He needs to be told about the precautions to be taken while using machines/instruments in the workplace. It is important to train workers on how to use safety gear effectively.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Automotive Industry

Alko Plus offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and solutions for the automotive industry. There are many processes in automotive shops and on factory floors which may cause a variety of potential health risks to employees. We are here to empower safety professionals to help protect their employees.

How Can Auto Mechanics Be Protected?

In order to protect workers and their families from these health concerns, auto shop owners need to purchase the proper personal protection equipment for their employees. This starts with auto distributors being aware of these workplace hazards and what kinds of equipment work best to protect against auto chemical exposure.

Why is PPE so important in the Automobile Industry?

We know that workers in the automotive industry perform activities pertaining to design, development and manufacturing. All manufacturing organizations use several tools such as welding guns, grinding machines, cutting machines, drilling machines etc. An accident may take place if the worker is not use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment should be provided to all employees who are exposed to safety and health risks at work. In the automobile industry, workers frequently move from one work place to another and perform a variety of tasks. The employee should be trained on how and when to use protective equipment.

Alko Plus and the Automotive Industry

Our global presence, supply chain infrastructure and value-added services create an opportunity for safety standardization in the Automotive industry. Personal Protection solutions can help workers avoid injuries and businesses to reduce operating costs. Workplace accidents and injuries are one of the most important preventable health problems throughout the world. This is because such accidents could result in permanent body damage or death.

One key component of health and safety practices is the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE plays a vital role in ensuring overall health and safety to workers.

What is dangerous about this job?

• Automobile mechanics usually work in service garages where they may fall from ladders, stairs or elevated platforms, fall into inspection pits, trip or fall on wet, slippery or greasy floors.

• Automobile mechanics may be severely injured by faulty garage equipment such as jacks or lifts, by moving vehicles, by heavy parts falling on their feet or by bursting tires.

• Automobile mechanics often handle heavy vehicle parts and work in awkward postures which may lead to trauma such as disk rupture or hernia and disabling back pains.

• The automobile mechanics' work place contains many hazards which can lead to accidents resulting in burns, punctures cuts, and electrocution.

ALKO PLUS ® specializes in the field of Head Protection, Fall Protection, Foot Protection, Reflective Safety Vests and Safety Nets. In short, ALKO PLUS is a one stop shop for Personal Protective Equipment, providing solutions for protection from Head to Toe.


Head Protection

ALKO PLUS range of safety helmets offers the combination of exceptional comfort, simple integration of additional personal protective equipment and modern stylish design.

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Fall Protection

A Full Body Harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body.

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Foot Protection

The portfolio of ALKO PLUS Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured and certified to the highest quality standards.

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Safety Net

ALKO PLUS has been operating nationwide in providing the best fall arrest safety net solution in the construction industry, to enable the workers to work safely and effectively at heights.

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Reflective Safety Jackets

ALKO PLUS Safety Jackets are Available in Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red colors, Jackets are Stitched with Highly reflective tape and Comes in average universal size to fit the persons of all body sizes.

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ALKO PLUS is a one stop shop for Personal Protective Equipment, providing solutions for protection from Head to Toe. leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing year.

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