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Alko Plus PPE for Power Industry


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Power Industry

Hazards of the Electric Power Industry

Electric utility hazards can be as diverse as the sources from which they derive their energy, but whether in renewable or legacy fossil fuel facilities, the following four issues cause the most injuries and fatalities per year.
♦ Electrocution
♦ Confined Spaces
♦ Fires and Explosions

The number of non-fatal electrical injuries rose to 2,480 in 2015, the highest since 2009, and working in the power generation industry results in fatal injury to 17 power generation workers per year.

Fall Hazards affect employees both on the ground and working up high. In a case where an employee is working with his or her boots off the ground than he/she should wear full body harness. We are a complete Indian provider of fall protection systems designed for the power industry and have the years of design and installation experience in this market sector.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Safety is a major issue for day laborers and skilled laborers. Each year, accidents happen frequently in the construction industry and often times it is due to the absence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or failure to wear the provided PPE. PPE is equipment that will protect workers against health or safety risks on the job. The purpose is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.

PPE includes items such as protective helmets, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses and, sometimes, respiratory protective equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment & Your Employees

Reap the benefit of providing personal protective equipment for employees. Yes, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a requirement for industrial/construction workers, but it is much more than that – it’s a benefit for your company and beings a high return on your investment. How?

Wearing/using PPE keeps your employees safe – not only preventing a series of minor injuries but also preventing serious injuries with long-lasting repercussions or even fatal accidents. When safety is up, morale is up. When incidents are down, cost is down. In the end, money spent not only becomes time and money saved, plus a happier healthier workplace.

Safety Helmet for Power Industry

Personal protective equipment (PPE) means all equipment which is intended to be worn or held by people at work and which protects them against one or more risks to their health and safety, and any addition or accessory designed to meet that objective. Safety helmets are one of the most frequently used forms of PPE. Safety Helmets will protect the user’s head against impact from objects falling from above, by resisting and deflecting blows to the head.

All employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets. Safety helmets must be worn when performing most construction works, works in the vicinity of lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, etc.) and suspended loads, works in forestry, works in cisterns, wells, shafts, tunnels, etc. In these situations the use of a safety helmet will help protect against injuries to the scalp, skull and cervical vertebrae.

Alko Plus Fall Protection for the Power Industry

Vertical systems, harnesses, lanyards and climbing systems must be developed for the variety of fall hazards associated with tower construction, maintenance and rescue.

The world is beginning to rely more on alternative energy, making wind power one of the largest sources of new electricity generation. At Alko Plus fall protection equipment designers and manufacturers must anticipate and address the unique challenges this growing industry demands. We Provide best Fall Protection equipment for the Power Industry.

How should my company ensure proper PPE compliance from workers?

♦ Thoroughly train new employees on proper fit, use, cleaning, and storage of PPE.
♦ Conduct regular refresher courses.
♦ Provide equipment that is easy to use, comfortable, and easy to maintain.
♦ Ensure that your employees understand that PPE is for their benefit; that it’s designed to keep them safe from injury.
♦ Compliance starts at the top. Don’t allow management to circumvent the rules.
♦ Immediately respond when employees fail to wear/use equipment properly.
♦ Replace damaged or worn out equipment promptly.
♦ Have a positive attitude about PPE – your employees will follow suit.

ALKO PLUS ® specializes in the field of Head Protection, Fall Protection, Foot Protection, Reflective Safety Vests and Safety Nets. In short, ALKO PLUS is a one stop shop for Personal Protective Equipment, providing solutions for protection from Head to Toe.


Head Protection

ALKO PLUS range of safety helmets offers the combination of exceptional comfort, simple integration of additional personal protective equipment and modern stylish design.

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Fall Protection

A Full Body Harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body.

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Foot Protection

The portfolio of ALKO PLUS Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured and certified to the highest quality standards.

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Safety Net

ALKO PLUS has been operating nationwide in providing the best fall arrest safety net solution in the construction industry, to enable the workers to work safely and effectively at heights.

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Reflective Safety Jackets

ALKO PLUS Safety Jackets are Available in Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red colors, Jackets are Stitched with Highly reflective tape and Comes in average universal size to fit the persons of all body sizes.

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ALKO PLUS is a one stop shop for Personal Protective Equipment, providing solutions for protection from Head to Toe. leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing year.

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